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Doctors That Can't Qualify
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Turn Your Future Patient Billings Into Working Capital!

Medical Electronic Payment Advance (MEPA) is not Credit Score Driven, therefore it is not necessary for you to have good credit to receive an advance.   Poor Credit Scores will not normally influence a decision!

Business And Doctor Can Not Have Any Open Bankruptcies, Judgments or Liens

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MEPA is a specialized funding source for the healthcare industry that will provide an immediate source for working capital.

The Benefits Of Using The MEPA Program Financing Include:
Business Financing  Provides immediate and dependable access to working capital for your practice!
Business Financing  Strengthens a companyís financial statement and credit ranking!
Business Financing  No personal guarantees required on repayment or blanket liens!
Business Financing  Practices that can't qualify for traditional bank financing!
Business Financing  Up front cash payments allow practices to take advantage of purchasing discounts!
Business Financing  Allows physicians to separate their business from their personal assets!
Business Financing  Extremely easy and flexible once in place compared to any other type of financing!

Doctor Cash Advances Can Be Used For Any Purpose Including:
Business Financing  Remodeling    Business Financing  Expansion    Business Financing  Advertising / Marketing    Business Financing  Payroll
Business Financing  New Equipment    Business Financing  Inventory    Business Financing  General Cash Flow Needs

Working Capital Is Available To You Right Now!   Your practice may be eligible for $10,000 to $250,000 of Working Capital!
Doctor Loans
Business Financing  Rapid Approvals and Funding!
Business Financing  Fixed Payment Schedule!
Business Financing  Completely Automated Payback!
Business Financing  Fast - Easy - Convenient!
Business Financing  Lacking Excellent Credit Scores - No Problem!
Business Financing  You can receive funding in as little as 7 days ...

Cash When You Need It Most!

All Doctors find themselves needing capital to grow and manage their practice. At times, these practices are unlikely to obtain a traditional bank loan because of unacceptable debt to income ratios or low personal or business credit scores!

The MEPA program offers a fast and flexible way for physicians to secure the cash they need to run their practice. It is not a loan, which means there are no checks to write, no maturity date, and less paperwork than a bank or accounts receivables financing firm requires to close a transaction.

Program offers a fast and flexible way for doctors to get the cash they need to run their practice. Remember, itís not a loan, which means no checks to write, no maturity date and none of the paperwork a bank would collect to close a loan. Once youíve been approved for an advance, a wire transfer for the advance is deposited to your operating account. Every day, an ACH deducts a fixed percentage of your sales receipts until the pre determined payback amount is satisfied!

This Is Not A Loan Product, This Is Alternative Funding for Doctors That Can't Qualify For Conventional Financing!

Even thriving practices occasionally need more working capital than they can obtain from a conventional business loan. In such situations factoring is potentially the best working capital management strategy for obtaining needed cash. This highly-effective working capital financing strategy uses an under-utilized business asset (receivables) to obtain a business cash advance based upon recent sales volume.

This working capital management strategy is also known as "receivable financing". Many practices have relied upon a working capital financing strategy called "receivables factoring" or "receivables financing" which allows them to sell their future receivables at a discount. Most small practices can adequately document their receivables in order to qualify for this kind of business financing.

Working Capital vs Practice Cash Advances

5 Reasons for Obtaining Working Capital with a Practice Cash Advance
1. A practice cash advance based on receivable financing is one of the few viable options for reliably obtaining short-term working capital!
2. Receivable factoring is available to most practices that deal with medical transactions!
3. There is no need for collateral!
4. There should not be any closing costs!
5. Funds can be obtained very quickly!

Problems Avoided When Using Practice Cash Advance Factoring!
1. Collateral!
2. Closing Costs!
3. 2-3 Years or More In Business!
4. Financial Statements!
Medical Doctor Financing 5. Fixed Payments!
6. Fixed Term!
7. High Credit Scores!

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