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Are You a Medical Doctor Who Currently Has An Active License To Practice Medicine?


Searching For NO-Hhassle Doctor Practice Financing, Practice Term Loans, Start-Up or Acqusition Funding To Establish The Office Of Your Dreams?

BRT Financial would like to thank you for clicking on our website to help you make an imformed decsion about your financing needs. You are here most likly to get help with financing options for your practice, well you have come to right website. HealthCare practice financing is what we do best and we have long time experience and knowledge of the healthcare industry and how to get you the funding you need to make your practice flourish.

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Making Sense Of Doctor Practice Financing Options has everything you Possibly Need to get your practice aligned for the right financing!

Save valuable time, save yourself stress and the hassle of searching lenders to work with and going through all the red-tape, paperwork and trying to make sense of the lenders parameters to qualify for funding!

We believe that education is the key to unlocking the potential of every healthcare practitioner, but the banking industry has a very big problem in passing the right information to the doctor.

The number of physicians and surgeons who have active licenses to practice medicine is increasing every day. Report has it that the United States has about 915,000 physicians and surgeons who currently have their Practicing Licenses, and this number increases every year by 2%!

The fact is that even with this growth in the health industry over the years, the United State is dealing with an aging population problems. Silver Book has it that every day, 10,000 Americans celebrate their 65th birthday. Currently U.S is experiencing a longevity revolution of chronic age-related disease that brings with it increased national health care spending, high rates of morbidity and mortality. Therefore the need for investment in medical practicing industries and establishment of more medical practicing outlets cannot be overemphasised, especially here in the United State.

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BRT Financialis a HealthCare Practice Financing company with experience and knowledge about healthcare practice industry! We help Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists, Physicians and more specialities with the financing they need to make their practice flourish.

Unlike traditional banks that are very picky in the medical companies they fund; requiring long credit history, BRT FINANCIAL knows the correct way to package the loan for underwriting approval. Doctor Practice Financing, Practice Term Loans and Working Capital for medical and dental professionals without perfect credit history that banks would require.

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Differentiate your practice and move ahead of your competition! Doctor practice financing is your BEST choice in finding help with your financing needs!

Finally, let's remember that some doctors do not have the right knowledge and time to start searching for practice financing. We have specialists in the area who will be in charge of the complete advice of your project: from the moment you look for its initiation until it is completely finished. And it does not end there! We will give you the best financial advice so your office can be the best against the competition found in your city!.

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