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Ophthalmology Practice Financing!

Financing solutions with unmatched personal service for Ophthalmology Practice Financing, Ophthalmology Start-Up Practice Financing, Practice Expansion, Practice Acquisition and Practice Equity-Out Loans!

BRT Financial has been successful in funding deals that have been turned down by other lending institutions, BRT turns dead deals into funded deals!

If you are experiencing the frustration of all the red tape involved with applying for a bank loan and all the bad customer service.

That’s why BRT Financial offers all its clients World Class Customer Service!

Ophthalmology Practice Acquisition Financing | Ophthalmology Leasehold Improvements | Ophthalmology Equipment Leasing | Ophthalmology Practice Management Financing | Practice Real Estate Purchase | Working Capital Start-Up Financing | Debt Consolidation

If you’re like most Ophthalmologists today you might have debt from your practice and or personal debt which is haunting and stressing you out. There is help... you can get debt consolidation financing for all you practice debt and usually most of your personal debt.

Looking for a Professional Practice Start-up Finance Loan?

If you are a recent graduate or an associate who is exploring the possibility of beginning a new practice, our Start-up Practice Program is the product for you. We offer a variety of payment plans to suit your particular needs, including graduated payments spread out over seven years. That means your payments will be lower at first, and then stepped up as your cash flow improves. We fit the programs to meet your needs!

Ophthalmology Practice For Sale… Get The Buyer The Funds Needed To Complete The Sale?

BRT Financial provides financial solutions exclusively to the Ophthalmology professional. We are able to offer a broad range of special financing tools that typical banks can not and will not touch! The loan process is simple and BRT walks you through the paper work each step of the way!

Competitive, fixed interest rates with up to 100% financing and terms to fit your budget. Practice acquisition financing available to includes financing for equipment, cabinetry, office furniture, supplies, fixtures, construction, renovations, design fee, architecture fee and more! To preserve your cash flow, there is no down payment in most cases.

Specialists In Ophthalmology Practice Financing!

Whether you're starting your practice as a start-up or expanding, refinancing, or selling an existing practice, our specialists will guide you through your project from start to finish.

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