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Dentist Loans

Alternative Chiropractic Practice Loans!

Instant Cash Flow and Minimal Underwriting Requirements!

The Chiropractor Bank Statement Program!
Turn Your Monthly Deposits Into Working Capital!

Eligible Practice Must Have:

Chiropractor Cash Flow  FICO Credit Score - 500!
Chiropractor Working Capital  Working Practice Location!
Chiropractor Practice Financing  Average Monthy Bank Deposits of $10,000!
Medical Loan  Positve Ending Bank Balance!
Chiropractor Funding  Completed 1 Page Application!
Medical Financing  6 Months Bank Satements - All Pages!
Chiropractor Loans  Term - 6-12 Months!
Medical Practice Financing  Practice Bank Account!

The Chiropractor Bank Loan Program Is The Perfect Solution For Practices That Need Immediate Cash!

Advantages Of The Chiropractor Bank Funding Program:

Practice Financing  Quick and High rate of Approval!
Chiropractor Medical Financing  Ongoing source of capital!
Financing  No costly applications and complicated paperwork or closing costs!
Medical Financing  Funding within five to ten business days!
Chiropractor Financing  Practices that have been turned down or are not eligible for financing can be funded!
Chiropractor Practice Financing  You are not required to put up real estate or personal assets as collateral!
Medical Chiropractor Financing  Since payback is typically based on cash flow, payback can vary with business activity!
Medical Financing  Provides immediate and dependable access to working capital for your practice!
Chiropractor Bank Funding Program  Strengthens a company’s financial statement and credit ranking!
Chiropractor Bank Funding Program  Practices that can't qualify for traditional bank financing!
Medical Financing  Up front cash payments allow practices to take advantage of purchasing discounts!
Medical Financing  Allows Chiropractor to separate their business from their personal assets!
Chiropractor Bank Funding Program  Extremely easy and flexible once in place compared to any other type of financing!

Fast Working Capital

Your practice may be eligible for $10,000 to $150,000 of Working Capital!

Medical Financing  Rapid Approvals and Funding!
Medical Financing  Fixed Payment Schedule!
Chiropractor Bank Funding  Completely Automated Payback!
Medical Financing  Fast - Easy - Convenient!
Chiropractor Bank Financing  Lacking Excellent Credit Scores - No Problem!
Medical Financing  You can receive funding in as little as 10 days ...

Cash When You Need It Most!

The Chiropractor Bank Statement Program bridges the gap between bank loans and factoring products such as merchant cash advances.

By assessing your practices’ monthly cash flow, The Chiropractor Bank Program enables you to use the strength of your cash flow to manage demands for capital.

BRT Financial offers all its clients World Class Customer Service!

The Chiropractor Bank Program Committed to Your Success